Message From Development

We can’t thank you enough for looking into Morae Classical Schools. During these times, MCS is trying to be a city on a hill and a pillar in the community. We want to partner with parents, teaching character, virtues, values, a love of country, and develop a culture of grit and pride.

What we’d like to do is to walk beside people who may not have the time, knowledge, expertise, or understanding of how to make a difference. Sometimes Directors of Development are only known for asking for money, but this is not the case. Our goal at MCS is to work with the community to develop a partnership to allow everyone an opportunity to be involved.

So how can we help you bring your talents and be part of this team? Whether your talent is administration, prayer, business, law, building and maintenance, or finances, we’re here to help you partner with us to educate our military kids.

Please email any questions to, and we look forward to seeing how we can help you make a difference for our kids.

Partnership Opportunities

We are so excited about partnering with the military communities, parents, and businesses to make a difference in the education of our youth. Below are some of the areas where you can help.

  • Volunteer Corporate Board Members
  • Administration
  • Online Teachers
  • In-Person Teachers
  • Coaches
  • Community Advocates
  • Prayer Partners
  • Community Service Leaders
  • Financial Partnering

Non-profit 501c3
& tax-deductible giving

Morae Classical Schools is an officially registered non-profit corporation with the State of Alabama and giving is tax-deductible! Reach out to for the official giving information.

What Others are Saying about Morae Classical Schools


PowerSchool released the following article on their excitement to partner with Morae Classical Schools: “We look forward to supporting the network’s expansion efforts in years to come and their important work to empower their educators and students to achieve outstanding scholastic outcomes.”


Craig Greenseid

PowerSchool, Chief Revenue Officer


Morae Classical Schools Selects PowerSchool Solutions to Facilitate Blended Learning

Anchored Podcast

On this episode of Anchored, Soren Schwab is joined by Chris Wright, Executive Director of Morae Classical Schools, a corporation of private classical schools designed to serve military families. Chris served our country for 20 years and retired as Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force. His experience in the military, in education, and as a father has led him to found schools that better serve our military families. Soren and Chris also discuss the importance of leadership, and what Chris’s experience in service of our nation has taught him about being a good school leader.


Classical Schools Designed to Serve Military Families with Chris Wright