Planned Morae Locations

Morae Classical Schools are excited to announce the expansion of our network, with planned locations in Alabama, North Carolina, Florida, and Texas, in addition to future sites yet to be decided. These new schools will extend our mission to serve military families with classical Christian education, ensuring more students have access to our unique curriculum that emphasizes character, virtue, and patriotism. For updates and more information on our expansion, click below to join the Morae newsletter.

Alabama Expansion

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North Carolina Development

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Texas Launch

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Florida Plans

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Future Sites

Vision for Tomorrow: As we look to the future, Morae Classical Schools plans to establish more sites in strategically chosen locations to meet the growing demand for quality classical education for military families. Stay tuned for announcements on future locations.


Morae Classical Schools of Alabama: Scheduled Start Fall of 2025.


Gateway to Growth

Gateway to Growth: Our Alabama location is set to become a cornerstone of our network, offering a strategic position to serve numerous military families in the region. This school will embody our core values and classical education model, providing a solid foundation for student success.

Phenix City – Center of Excellence

Phenix City will be the first campus and will serve as the “Center of Excellence” for all Morae Classical Schools. Phenix City is scheduled to open 5th – 8th grades in the Fall of 2025.

Planned Alabama Sites

  • Phenix City (Fort Moore AIN, GA) – Center of Excellence – Scheduled Fall 2025
  • Montgomery – Scheduled Fall 2026
  • Birmingham – Scheduled Fall 2027
  • Huntsville – Scheduled Fall 2026

North Carolina

North Carolina Schools are scheduled to start in the Fall of 2026.


Community & Connection

North Carolina will soon host one of our classical schools, emphasizing community engagement and tailored educational experiences. This location aims to foster strong connections among military families through shared values and educational goals.

Planned North Carolina Sites

  • Fayetteville – Scheduled Fall 2026
  • Southern Pines – Scheduled Fall 2030
  • Goldsboro – Scheduled Fall 2030
  • Jacksonville – Scheduled Fall 2030


Texas Schools are scheduled to start in the Fall of 2035.


Broadening Horizons

The Texas site is poised to broaden our educational reach, integrating local cultural elements with our classical curriculum. This expansion reflects our commitment to creating impactful learning environments that respect and incorporate the diverse backgrounds of our students.

Texas Summer Camp

More information to come! Join the Morae Newsletter to stay up-to-date. 

Planned Texas Sites

  • San Antonio – Scheduled Fall 2035
  • Austin – Scheduled Fall 2036
  • Houston – Scheduled Fall 2036


Florida Schools are scheduled to start in the Fall of 2026.


Sunshine State Welcome

Our future Florida locations are poised to bring the warmth and vibrancy of the Sunshine State into our family of classical Christian education. This expansion will open new doors for military families in Florida, offering them access to an education that is deeply rooted in the classical tradition, Christian values, and the pursuit of academic excellence. Stay tuned for more information as we lay the groundwork for this exciting new chapter.

Planned Florida Sites

  • Pensacola – Scheduled Fall 2030
  • Fort Walton Beach Area – Scheduled Fall 2026
  • Jacksonville – Scheduled Fall 2030
  • Tampa – Scheduled Fall 2026