Morae Athletics

Our Athletics program champions physical excellence, team spirit, and personal growth. We offer a diverse range of sports across different seasons, encouraging students to excel, collaborate, and embody the virtues of discipline and respect on and off the field. Athletics are incredibly important. They are our leadership laboratory to train grit, commitment, determination, selflessness, teamwork, and above all else integrity, virtues, and character.

Program Overview

Building Foundations for Life: Our comprehensive athletics program aims to develop physical skills, foster teamwork, and instill a lifelong appreciation for health and fitness, laying the groundwork for well-rounded individuals.

Fall Sports

  • Boys and Girls Cross Country

  • Girls Volleyball

  • Boys Football

Winter Sports

  • Boys and Girls Basketball

  • Wrestling

Spring Sports

  • Boys and Girls Track

  • Boys and Girls Soccer

  • Boys and Girls Lacrosse

Why a Spartan?

Choosing the Spartan as our mascot reflects the spirit of resilience, discipline, and excellence that Morae Classical Schools aim to instill in our students. The Spartans were renowned for their commitment to education, physical fitness, and virtues that align with our core values. This symbol serves as a constant reminder to our community of the strength, courage, and dedication required to achieve greatness, both academically and personally, embodying the ideals we strive for in every aspect of our campus life.

Morae Classical
Schools Athletics

Athletics are critical to everything we do at Morae Classical Schools. We will highly encourage every student to do some form of athletics because of the esprit de corps, physical health, mental health, academic enhancements, and confidence it builds. At MCS, athletic success is judged on various aspects, and although the scoreboard suggests success, it is not our primary focus. We aspire to teach teamwork, determination, grit, mental toughness, and willingness to sacrifice comfort.

Athletics is an extension of the classroom and all rules, policies, and expectations from the classroom extend onto the field, court, or pitch. We demand our coaches to uphold the standards within themselves, the players, and our parents. Morae Classical Schools are the epitome of sportsmanship. Our goal is to give great effort, and whether we win or lose, to do it with honor!

Vis Et Honor

Strength &
Conditioning Program

Morae Classical Schools Strength and Conditioning program is a founding principle for all our athletics. Morae Classical Schools is blessed to have multiple Division I strength and conditioning coaches, US Special Operations strength coaches, an Olympic strength coach, and to call upon to elevate our program. Our goal is to train proper techniques, encourage injury prevention, and stay healthy.

Physical education is not only a physical, social-emotional, and spiritual enhancer, but it directly ties with increased cognitive ability (to read, learn, remember, reason, and pay attention). A recent Harvard Article discusses the positive correlation between 30 minutes of exercise and increased memory retention and thinking skills. This is why Morae Classical Schools participates in 30 minutes of exercise at the beginning of the school day. Some studies have memory retention increases up to 20% for the following two hours!

Get Involved

Join our mission at Morae Classical Schools to shape the next generation of leaders. Whether you're a parent, educator, or community member, there are numerous ways to contribute to our vibrant school community. From volunteering and mentoring to donations or participating in future school events, your involvement enriches our students' educational experience and fosters a strong sense of community. Let's work together to provide a nurturing environment that honors our military families and upholds the virtues of classical education. Get involved today and make a lasting impact!